Georgia DRIVES (Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System)

The Georgia Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue (DOR) sought a solution for its aging Georgia Registration and Title Information System (GRATIS), created in 1999. Operating costs were high, and counties experienced challenges in serving constituents when their printers were not connecting to GRATIS properly. DOR found a solution with the Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System (DRIVES), a multi-year effort between DOR and the Department of Driver Services (DDS). The project modernized and combined two of Georgia's largest and most complex legacy software systems.

DRIVES was developed and implemented using the FAST Enterprises commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application configured and tailored to both agencies' business requirements. With DRIVES, agencies have an application that can be supported by internal staff. The .NET framework platform provides technological and cost-saving advances, making the legacy mainframe platform a thing of the past.