The Mission Personnel Accountability System

The Georgia National Guard and State Department of Defense

The Georgia Army National Guard and the State Department of Defense Personnel Office are committed to ensuring a streamlined process and quick disbursement of pay for Georgia's soldiers. In the past, confusion surrounding the duty status of a soldier often led to questions about whether their pay and entitlements would be covered by the federal or state government. The Georgia Army National Guard developed a personnel accounting system, the Mission Personnel Accountability System (MPAS), which allows each subordinate unit to easily update their personnel rosters.

The system roster remains open for personnel additions each day, a snapshot of each soldier's duty and pay status is taken at midnight, and the data becomes static for administrative processing. The snapshot file can then be downloaded and given to the State Personnel Office for hiring and pay purposes. With the introduction of MPAS, the Georgia Army National Guard has delivered a breakthrough innovation ensuring that soldiers do not experience paycheck interruptions. MPAS provides Georgia a uniquely efficient personnel accounting system, unparalleled among the other National Guard organizations.