FY 2018 saw a leap forward in the GETS program. Four re-procurements led to the installation of four vendors that moved Georgia’s managed IT services to a new level of maturity. The four re-procurements addressed Mainframe services, Print and Mailroom/Courier services, End User Computing services, and Server services.

The considerable savings realized through these re-procurements made a new procurement for managed security services possible. This new procurement was completed in November 2018.

A clear priority in all the transitions to new service providers was safeguarding the system performance GETS customer agencies rely on. That was accomplished through knowledge transfer, shadowing, and reverse shadowing between outgoing and incoming providers. In addition, the new service providers were integrated into GETS’ shared processes and tools for delivering services, thereby maintaining continuity of the GETS business practices agencies have come to know.

Each transition was more than just a change in service provider. It brought updated services that best suit the evolving business needs of GETS customer agencies. Representatives from those agencies provided invaluable input for the re-procurement process to help ensure their business needs were addressed by the new services.

Mainframe Services

IT services company Atos is the new vendor providing GETS mainframe services. This came after a months-long, carefully coordinated handoff from former mainframe services provider IBM.

Mainframe processing continues at the state's North Atlanta Data Center. Storage and virtual tape systems are also updated there, and a backup mainframe environment was established at an Austin, Texas, data center.

In coordination with Atos and services integrator Capgemini, GTA performed a GETS mainframe upgrade during FY 2018. The new central processing unit aligned mainframe capacity with agencies' needs and improved mainframe processing. To help ensure a smooth transition, agencies participated in mainframe application testing in conjunction with the upgrade.

Print and Mailroom/Courier Services

Xerox has been providing print services since the beginning of the state's shared IT services program in 2009, and now with a new contract, the company is stretching its reach to serve even more customers in new and enhanced ways. The new contract delivers not only enhanced print services but also mailroom and courier services from the Capitol Hill Mailroom in Atlanta's Twin Towers building. That allows customers to print, package, and mail, all through a single provider.

End User Computing Services (EUC)

During FY 2018, NTT DATA began providing EUC services through the GETS program. These services center on the computer on state workers’ desks and the technicians who help if there's a problem with their computers. They also encompass tools like anti-virus and encryption software that protect computers, network printers, and refreshing laptop and desktop computers and network printers on a regular schedule.

Automated refresh notifications, self-service scheduling of refresh appointments, and automated reminders and refresh completion acknowledgements are being introduced along with an enhanced EUC hardware depot. The enhanced depot will enable the delivery of most standard EUC catalog items within five days.

NTT DATA will deliver more complete software license management information to GETS customer agencies, helping agencies ensure licensing compliance. In addition, NTT DATA envisions something brand new to GETS - a kind of micro EUC support center. Called a tech bar, it can be ordered and situated right on the premises of an agency's office space.

Server Services

GTA awarded a contract for server services to Unisys in FY 2018. Unisys began providing services on January 1, 2019, as responsibility transferred from IBM, the provider of server services since 2009, following the expiration of its contract. Server services encompass server hardware, whether hosted in the state’s North Atlanta Data Center or elsewhere, along with identity and directory management, disaster recovery, and storage services. Cloud broker services will be introduced to help guide choices that may involve cloud computing services.

Other Network Services

In addition to the major IT infrastructure services renegotiated in 2018, Wireless WAN Backup and Voice over IP services were added to the GETS program’s portfolio of network services.

Managed Security Services

A new procurement for managed network services was begun in FY 2018. They are an important addition to the GETS shared IT services platform that was made possible by the considerable savings identified through the IT infrastructure services re-procurements. The aim is to enhance the security services already provided to the GETS community, ensuring access to specialized resources, advanced technology, and dedicated support. More specifically, GTA is looking to add a centralized security operations center; a governance, risk management, and compliance capability; and a security incident and event management function.

GTA completed the procurement in November 2018, and services are expected to be available to agencies by July 1, 2019.