OneUSG Connect Payroll Standardization

The University System of Georgia

The University System of Georgia (USG) is responsible for 26 higher education institutions and approximately 389 facilities within the 61 Georgia Public Library Service system throughout the state. The OneUSG human capital management (HCM) initiative brought all the ADP-supported institutions onto one common HCM platform. This consolidation occurred in discrete cohorts, beginning with the USG office in January 2017 and concluding with the final institution in March 2020. OneUSG consolidates human resources, payroll, and benefits functions onto a common technical platform, eliminating redundant hardware. It also centralizes support teams, optimizing the use of USG internal human resources.

The technical architecture required to support the OneUSG implementation was extensive and required tight partnerships with member institutions to design a flexible framework. It was important to build a system that scaled but also ensured proper controls and data security. OneUSG positions the shared services center to provide transactional support and act as the primary contact for all USG employees and retirees. The conversion to a common HCM platform significantly reduces costs to institutions and enables USG to provide consistent and cost-effective support for its employees through its focused contact centers.