Award category

Project details

In this section, describe your project in as much detail as possible.

1 - 2 paragraphs per response.
Explain how the project solves a critical business problem, improves business processes, or increases citizen engagement with and access to government.
Outline the business rationale for why this problem or opportunity should be addressed and what change it will make for the agency and citizenry.
Showcase what makes the project innovative and distinct from similar initiatives.
Describe the project management approach.
From conception to fruition, profile the groups key to the success of the project, such as legislators, vendors, agency staff, or citizens, and explain their role, such as advocate, implementation, oversight, end-user, or beneficiary.
Describe the benefits and impact for the nominating agency and external and internal customers.
Include the data, quantitative and qualitative, to support the story, such as cost savings and avoidance, ROI, usage, transaction times, customer feedback, and constituent experiences.
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