Top 5 Reasons to Choose GovHub

GovHub logo.

GovHub is a Drupal-based digital publishing system designed for government organizations to deliver services and information. It aligns with the Georgia brand and meets high standards for accessibility, security, and performance.

1. Robust Security

Choosing GovHub means opting for a reliable security framework. Our system is designed to guard your data against potential threats while maintaining confidentiality. We comply with the standards set by NIST and SSAE16/ISAE 3402, ensuring a dependable foundation for your online platform.

Through relentless vigilance safeguarded by web application firewall Cloudflare and routine security upkeep, GovHub strengthens your website’s reliability and safety, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering quality content to your audience.

2. Advanced Content Control

GovHub provides agencies with tools to manage content and measure site performance. Structured content types enhance your agency's online presence and search engine results. With features such as standardized content formats, enhanced web forms, and built-in analytics, GovHub offers agencies more control over their content.

3. Cloud-Powered Scalability

GovHub utilizes cloud-hosting by Acquia, offering high availability and scalability. It is designed to handle high traffic volumes without compromising performance.

4. User-Friendly Design and Mobile-First Approach

GovHub focuses on simplicity and flexibility in design. Our layout builder tools are intuitive, and we prioritize a mobile-first approach to ensure optimal formatting across all devices.

5. Promoting State Brand Unity 

GovHub works toward a unified Georgia state brand that aligns with the Orchard Design System. The system provides a consistent voice, color palette, and typography across all agency websites.

Join the Statewide Movement

GovHub's goal is to make information and services accessible for all Georgians. Our approach ensures that people can effortlessly find the services they need.