Voucher Capture and Retrieval System

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was in dire need of a system that could replace its outdated voucher processing system. The new DNR Voucher Capture and Retrieval System provides a vehicle for DNR to capture vendor payment vouchers electronically and quickly transmit them to DNR accounts payable (AP). This web-based application is accessible from any DNR office.

Users enter voucher information into a form, attach scans or photos of supporting documentation, and submit that information for payment. The voucher information is organized and presented to AP employees through online work queues. Employees then can assess the validity of the payment request and load the required information into the Peoplesoft ERP for payment. The Voucher Capture and Retrieval System also provides audit data, tracking capability, payment status, and the ability to locate and view voucher records.

By reducing the time required to pay vendor invoices, the application reduces the frequency and friction caused by late payments and improves cash flow for DNR business partners.