FY 2023 saw the Digital Services Georgia team transform into the Office of Digital Services and Solutions (DS&S). The DS&S team is dedicated to enhancing user experiences, streamlining processes, and delivering citizen-centric government services that meet the evolving needs of constituents.

Georgia Pathways Launch on GovHub

In August 2022, the DS&S team successfully launched Georgia Pathways on the GovHub platform. This new addition to GovHub provides a valuable resource for citizens seeking information related to Pathways for the Department of Human Services (DHS).

QnA Maker Chatbot Implementation

DS&S implemented the QnA Maker chatbot on the Department of Revenue (DOR) website enhancing user support and engagement. The chatbot was fine-tuned through extensive testing and collaboration with the DOR team. It now efficiently guides users to the right answers, offering multiple-choice response and a wide array of alternative phrases to ensure accurate and helpful responses.

GovHub Infrastructure Update

In November 2022, GTA initiated a significant infrastructure update for GovHub migrating to PHP 8.1 and commenced development work to upgrade to Drupal 10, ensuring that the platform remains cutting-edge and efficient.

Plain Language Webinar

DS&S hosted a webinar on plain language in November, presented by the Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) emphasizing GTA's commitment to clear and accessible communication.

DOR Website UX and Re-architecture

DS&S recommendations for the DOR website user experience and re-architecture were completed and warmly received by the agency, marking another achievement in ongoing efforts to improve digital services.

Onboarding of APCD to GovHub

GTA successfully completed the onboarding of the Agency for Public Charter Schools (APCD) to the GovHub platform assisting with their agency-led migration to streamline their digital presence.

Georgia Procurement Conference

DS&S involvement in the Georgia Procurement Conference demonstrates GTA's dedication to supporting state procurement efforts and enhancing collaboration.

DOAS "How to" Content Strategy

DS&S partnered with the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) to strategize and develop "how to" content for their new website, further demonstrating GTA's commitment to enhancing user guidance and support.

GOVTalks Event

DS&S hosted the 15th GOVTalks event fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the state's digital community.

Onboarding of GDC to GovHub

After nearly a year of dedicated effort, GTA successfully completed the onboarding of the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) to the GovHub platform improving their digital presence and accessibility.