GETS HE – Georgia Enterprise Technology Services Hosting Environment

Incident – An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Legacy Environment – Location of any non-transformed server in GETS.

Resource Unit (RU) – Unit of measure for IT services provided by GETS.


  • Application Server – Types Wintel or Unix server that hosts end-user or business related functions for the agencies
  • Infrastructure Server – Servers used for Domain Services, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Backup, Enterprise Monitoring, Enterprise Scheduling, and Software Distribution.
  • Instance Complexity – Classification of support for a server operating system based on agency-defined need for system availability, system use, problem resolution time, etc.
  • Physical Server – The actual computer hardware used to provide shared processing or resources.
  • Server Technical Platforms – AIX Server, Exchange, Linux, Novell, Unix, and Wintel
  • Utility Server – Servers used for File & Print, Enterprise Gateways, and Presentation and Terminal.
  • Virtual Server – Software layered on a physical server that executes programs like a physical server (e.g., Hypervisor, VM Ware).