Capitol Hill Fiber – A high-availability, high-bandwidth fiber network surrounding the Georgia State Capitol and the Twin Towers (Sloppy Floyd Veterans Memorial Building).

DNS Domain Name System – The “phone book” for the Internet that translates computer host names into IP addresses.

IMAC – Install, Move, Add, Change

IMAC-D – Install, Move, Add, Change, Delete

IP Internet Protocol – The primary communications protocol, or system of digital rules for message exchange within or between computers, that establishes the Internet.

IP Addressing Services – A numerical label assigned to each device on a network (DNS, DHCP).

Network – Connections that allow computers to share data.

IPAM Internet Protocol Address Management – A method of tracking and modifying the information associated with a network's IP address space.

LAN Local Area Network – A network that connects computers in a small area, like an office.

WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network

MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching – Technology that speeds up network traffic flow and makes it easier to manage.

Network – Connections that allow computers to share data.

POP – Point of Presence

POP Diversity – A WAN site that is connected to the state network via multiple WAN access links and the WAN access links are connected to two different AT&T MPLS POPs for a redundant connection.