Archive – Long-term data storage based on agency retention policy and schedule.

Backup and Recovery (BUR) – Daily, weekly or monthly occurrence of copying SAN data to tape for data preservation and restoration if data are lost.

Change Ticket – A request to change an existing, steady state service.

GETS – Georgia Enterprise Technology Services

GETS HE – Georgia Enterprise Technology Services Hosting Environment

Incident – An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Legacy Environment – Location of any non-transformed server in GETS.

RFS – Request for Solution, the process used by an agency to initiate a project.

Resource Unit (RU) – Unit of measure for IT services provided by GETS.

Service Provider – Georgia Technology Authority

Service Provider Partners – The vendors that are part of the GETS contract. This includes AT&T, Atos, NTT DATA and Xerox, among others.

Service Tower – A grouping of related Resource Units that covers the cost of a service.

Storage Area Network (SAN) V – Storage for data used daily by applications and file servers.