Georgia’s vision for its use of technology in the future is captured in the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan 2025, the latest update to the state’s assessment of issues influencing which technology solutions agencies will deploy in the years ahead. The plan was published in May 2017 and can be accessed at

The plan is intended to aid Georgia government leaders in making informed technology decisions. It defines IT focus areas and goals. It also sets the technology direction for the state’s IT enterprise.

The strategic plan does not replace the business-oriented plans of individual state agencies but serves as a secondary vision document to help them align their technology with the direction established for the state’s IT enterprise.

In developing and maintaining the plan, GTA collaborates with technology leaders in Georgia state agencies, other states, and the private sector to understand business priorities for Georgia state government and the proven technologies that can help achieve them. This work identified the following long-term IT priorities:

  • Ensuring cybersecurity for Georgia’s agencies, citizens, and businesses
  • Managing a growing pool of data to support state decision makers
  • Leveraging emerging technologies to improve interactions between Georgia agencies and their constituents
  • Evolving state government’s portfolio of shared technology services to ensure agency access to the best services at competitive prices
  • Partnering with the private sector to bring the latest innovative technologies to bear on the state’s business problems
Strategic Planning

The goal of IT strategic planning in Georgia is to understand agencies’ business objectives and guide them in using appropriate technology to achieve those objectives. Agencies are also guided in their business objectives by the Governor’s policy priorities.

During FY 2018 and previous years, agencies were guided in their business objectives by Governor Nathan Deal’s policy priorities, which set specific goals in the areas of jobs and the economy, education, transportation and infrastructure, criminal justice reform, health care, and natural resources.

With a new administration coming into office in January 2019, agencies will need to align their IT strategies with the new governor’s business objectives. Given the maturity of Georgia’s strategic IT planning process, it is anticipated that agencies will quickly align their IT strategies with the new objectives.