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State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR)

The Governor’s Executive Order of March 2008 and O.C.G.A. 50-25-4(8), (13) & 50-25-7.10 call for GTA to collect IT-related data from state agencies. GTA needs the ability to track costs and statistics concerning  application inventory, personnel resources, hardware and software resources by agency and application.  
To this end the state uses a tool, the State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR), in the collection and analysis of data. STARR employs a group of questionnaires to collect IT-related data from each agency based on various topics and areas of interest. It aggregates questionnaire responses and reports information to the agency. The information submitted is used to develop to State Annual Information Technology Report produced each year by GTA and presented to the legislature.
The STARR application:
  • Uses role-targeted questionnairs to collect a majority of the data.
  • Allows agencies to view and print information in reports and dashboards.
  • Reduces the reptitious input of information, such as application inventories.
  • Promotes the reporting of consistent information across the state.
  • Displays dashboards with pertinent information in a graphic format.