For description of the actions that start and stop billing for your GETS services, check the Billing Triggers reference on the GETS Billing page.

See rate tables for Voice services on the GETS Billing page.

The following Resource Units recover the cost of GETS voice services. The invoice collection date for all voice services is the 5th day of the month.

Resource Unit


Voice Port – Basic RU

Handset, 2 station appearances, unlimited long distance and features including call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, last number redial

Voice Port – Premium RU

Handset, 6 station appearances, unlimited long distance, all features in Voice Port – Basic, plus intercom, email integration, distinctive ringing, conference calling, and others

Voice Port – Trunk RU

Pinpoint 911 RU (only available with trunk service)

Common group of central office lines that terminate in a PBX system or Key Telephone System (KTS)

Provides public safety agents with location information

Voice Port – IPT Connect RU

IP capable voice station port that is active and authorized for use – connectivity and maintenance for agency-owned VOIP PBX

Voicemail Box RU

Active when installed and authorized for use

Video Conference Room – with or without support

Two-way audio and video communication for two or more locations and recorded calls for playback, with or without on-site support

Video Conference Transport RU

  • Type 1
  • Type 2

Transport service for video

  • Telemedicine quality video (≥768K)
  • Business quality video (384k)

Web Based Desktop Video Client RU

User account login via web browser to video bridge. Each video conference room subscriber receives one video client free of charge.

Customer Relationship Management Seat RU

License that allows contact center agents access to customer information, scripting, analytics, and customer satisfaction surveys

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Port RU

Provides ability for callers to make database queries; measure of simultaneous calls that can be handled

Auto Attendant Port RU

Provides ability to handle callers by auto attendant; measure of simultaneous calls that can be handled