For questions about your invoice, email the GTA Finance team at [email protected]. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can also help guide billing questions.

Accessing Invoices Online

Authorized users can access their agency’s invoices and drill-down details through the IT financial management (ITFM) tool, accessed via the GETS Portal.

If you are not currently set up to use ITFM and the GETS Portal, your CSM can help you gain access.

Rate Tables

Note: Chargeback rates do not include the GTA administration fee and are subject to change.

Billing Triggers

The quick reference guide below helps you determine the actions that start and stop billing for your GETS services.

It provides brief descriptions of information related to invoice charges for infrastructure services. The intended use of this document is a reference to agencies with invoice review and validation.

The following information is included:

  • Screen shots of the GETS services portal and catalog
  • Billing triggers CAD requests
  • Server storage backups (matrix of billing triggers specific to server, storage, and backups)
  • Processing timeframes
  • Invoice validation reports
  • Resource unit (RU) descriptions (descriptions of all infrastructure charges)
  • Definition of terms (definitions for clarity)

Download this xls file. RU billing triggers quick reference

How to Dispute a Bill

Billing disputes for both IT infrastructure and managed network services should be submitted using the service request catalog, accessed via the GETS Portal. You can also do so by calling the GETS Service Desk at (877) GTA-3233.

If you are not currently set up to use the service request catalog and GETS Portal, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can help you gain access.

Additional Recommendations

Retain a file of all orders and SSR documents submitted. These assist in validating items added or removed from your invoice.

Retain a copy of the confirmation email that provides your order due date and the service request number if you order services from AT&T. Submit your disputes on a timely basis to promote efficient dispute handling.