End user computing (EUC) service

Best practices to right-size consumption

  • Reconcile the invoice: Compare EUC Resource Units to employment scope
    • Perform "three-way" match: known inventory vs. CMDB vs. invoice
    • Turn in unused or redundant devices and confirm removal from the invoice
    • Match the EUC device to worker's function (premium device vs. standard) and ensure appropriate support level assigned to each device (gold, silver, bronze)
    • Assess timing of change (e.g., Will waiting for scheduled EUC refresh save money?)
    • Delete unused licensed software and recover licenses
  • Perform EUC Refresh Verification as requested by NTT DATA to avoid Return Past Due fee

Sources of information/reports

  • ITSLM 09 CMDB Assets reporting tool: Section 09 CMDB Assets provides information on Hardware assets/CIs (9.1 Hardware Table) and Software assets (9.2 Software Table), CSR (Computer System Raw) report
  • EUC Software installation reports are located on the MSI SharePoint portal: Customer Reports > agency folder > NTT DATA > ITSLM > 09 CMDB Assets > 9.2 Software Table Reports > 135. Software licenses and SSL to CI Mapping, 020. SW Applications Raw Data Report
  • Invoice Detail Report in ITFM

Steps to request service change

  • 1 to 9 devices - Submit a GETS Service Catalog request (IMAC): End User Services > PC/Printer/Peripherals
  • 10 or more devices - Submit an SSR in the catalog

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Download this pdf file. Glossary of GETS terms