GTA offers a range of services to state and local governments, commercial entities, and the general public.


Georgia has adopted a cloud-first approach to its technology systems, applications, and data storage. That means shifting from running servers at the state's data center to getting server services from commercial cloud service providers.

GTA offers enterprise-level cloud solutions to state agencies and other government entities throughout Georgia. With tiered pricing models, comprehensive onboarding services, and flexible support options available from our pre-approved vendors, GTA achieves lower costs through volume discounts and smooths the way for easy procurement.


GTA's security consulting products and services provide top-notched oversight and management of your IT systems while protecting against cyber threats.


Reliable, secure and innovative IT infrastructure and managed network services are available to state and local government agencies through the Georgia Enterprise Technology Services (GETS) program.

GTA Direct

GTA offers numerous contracts for IT-related services to state and local government agencies in Georgia through the GTA Direct program. Agencies can use the contracts to obtain services directly from approved vendors without going through additional procurements.

Data Innovations

The following services are available through the GTA Office of Data Innovations:

  • Bulk Corporations Data, Dealer Internet Inquiry, LicenseMatch and Motor Vehicle Reports are available to commercial entities.
  • The general public can order certified copies of birth and death certificates through ROVER, a service provided in collaboration with Georgia’s Office of Vital Records.
  • Georgia Felon Search makes it possible to quickly determine if someone has been convicted of a felony in Georgia. The service is provided in collaboration with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


GTA manages the state's web portal, GeorgiaGov, and provides a mobile-friendly web publishing platform, called Drupal, that's used on 82 state agency websites. We also offer web and application development, data sharing services and consulting for government agencies.

Call Center and Constituent Services

Through call center and constituent services, GTA provides help to the citizens of Georgia on behalf of the Governor's Office. The Office of Constituent Services is a point of contact for advocates, legislators, and the general public. Its specially trained staff answers questions, addresses complaints, and helps with access to state of Georgia services. In addition, GTA's call center, 1 (800) GEORGIA, responds to calls, emails, and chats from users of GeorgiaGov. It also offers call center services to other state and local government agencies.

Training and Education

The GTA Learning Academy, our learning management system, provides access to training and education that's carefully designed to strengthen the state's technology enterprise by enhancing the skills of state employees.

Professional Services

Our professional services include training and education in such areas as information security and project management and assurance. GTA also offers enterprise portfolio management services.