Local area network (LAN) service

Best practices to right-size consumption

  • Manage EUC device count as described in EUC section of this guide, because EUC count directly impacts LAN Port Resource Units (RU)
  • Audit switch ports that are in use - if not in use, disconnect from the switch
  • Audit equipment that is powered up - power down and decommission all equipment that is not in use
  • Explore collapsing network layers where feasible to reduce equipment cost, power consumption, and simplify design
  • Explore replacing LAN port connections with wireless access points for some conference rooms, work groups, and test labs

Sources of information/reports

  • Invoice Detail Report in ITFM

Steps to request service change

  • 1 to 9 jacks: Submit request in the GETS Service Catalog: Network Services > LAN services
  • 10 or more jacks: Submit SSR in the catalog

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Download this pdf file. Glossary of GETS terms