Voice service

Best practices to right-size consumption

  • Set agency telecommunications policy in accordance with State Telecommunications Policy (OPB-GTA Policy 4, Revision 9)
  • Disconnect circuits and disconnect telephone lines that are not in use
  • Evaluate potential cost savings of implementing Hosted Voice Service (HVS)
  • Consider the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model for telephone service

Sources of information/reports

  • Invoice Detail Report on ITFM

Steps to request service change

  • For services, including 51+ telephone numbers, that require infrastructure builds, scheduling, cost quotes, or resource coordination - Submit an SSR in the GETS Service Catalog: Voice Services > Voice Port-Basic-Add/Change/Delete/Move
  • 1 to 19 telephone numbers: Submit a catalog request
  • 20 to 50 telephone numbers: Submit catalog request ("large" IMAC using spreadsheet in catalog)

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Download this pdf file. Glossary of GETS terms