For description of the actions that start and stop billing for your GETS services, consult the Billing Triggers reference on the GETS Billing page.

Current rate tables for Server services are also available on the GETS Billing page.

In the GETS environment:

  • Application servers incur an HSC for each physical server, a server instance RU based on server type and complexity, and may also incur an application software services charge (one-time or 12 monthly payments).
    • A Server instance is defined as one operating system running on a server to operate one or more applications.
      • One or more applications can run on one instance.
      • One or more instances can run on one physical server.
    • Server type and complexity – Intel High, Medium, or Low or UNIX High, Medium, or Low based on agency’s requirements for:
      • Operational support hours
      • Availability
      • Resolution time
      • Use (production, testing, or development)
      • Storage management
      • Disaster recovery planning
      • Server Complexity Matrix provided below
  • Utility servers do not incur HSC. They incur server RUs based on function:
    • File and Print Server – LAN Attached Device RU (charged on end user computing devices)
    • Enterprise Gateway Server – LAN Attached Device RU (charged on end user computing devices)
    • Presentation and Terminal Server – Medium Complexity Intel Server Instance RU
  • Infrastructure Servers do not incur hardware service charge or server RUs. The cost of these servers is recovered through the other server RUs.

Server RUs and Related Charges

Server Function


Hardware Service Charge (HSC)

Application Software Services Charge

Invoice Collection Date

Application Servers


Intel High, Medium, or Low Complexity Server Instance


UNIX High, Medium, or Low Complexity Server Instance


Collection date: 1st day of the month


15th day of month

Utility Servers

File & Print

LAN Attached Device



15th day of month

Enterprise Gateway

LAN Attached Device



15th day of month

Presentation and Terminal

Intel Medium Complexity Instance



15th day of month

Infrastructure Servers







Email Accounts No No No 15th day of month

Application Server Complexity Matrix



High – Rating Weight 1.5

Medium-Rating Weight 1.0

Low - Rating Weight 0.5

Value to Agency

Agency IT perspective of the overall value of the service supported by this server

Business or
Mission Critical

Important to
the Agency

Basic Functionality
for Agency

Operational Support Hours

Primary hours in which the agency depends on the server to meet their business objectives. Provider must respond immediately to a service disruption

24 X 7

< 24 X 7
> 12 X 5

12 X 5
of less

System Availability

SLA or expectation of available time during the scheduled window

99.9% or greater

98.5% up to 99.9%

98.5% or lower

System Use

Primary use of the system


System Test

Dev and Unit Test

Problem Resolution Time

Expectation of the average recovery time for a system failure (hardware or software)

< 4 hours

< 8 hours

< 24 hours

Storage Management – Provide data management and backup / restore services. Storage management (admin., maintenance, control, monitoring, reporting, &backup/restoration of stored data stored

Provides a broad range of storage management services that may be available. The broader the requirement the higher the complexity factor

Full Services Required

Basic Backup and

Restore plus some advanced support

Basic Backup
and Restore

Perform & Capacity Planning

Are regularly scheduled processes in place for performance tuning and capacity planning


Ad hoc

Not Required

Disaster Recovery Capability
(Plan and Facilities to exercise)

Does a formal disaster recovery plan exist and are processes in place to achieve documented recover times

Planned Exercises

Plan & Facilities
No Formal Exercise

Plans Only