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View the Download this pdf file.Current Rate Table (PDF format) for SAN services.

The Storage Area Network is used to store data used daily by applications and file servers. It is measured in gigabytes (GB).


Three tiers of SAN storage are available and billed as RUs through GETS. The agency chooses the SAN tier based on its business requirement for the data.

  • Tier 2 SAN RU, used by agencies for business critical data, is approximately one quarter the price of Tier 1SAN. Over 90 percent of GETS agency data is stored in Tier 2 SAN.
  • Tier 3 SAN RU is the least expensive SAN option in the GETS environment. These data, that comprise almost 4 percent of GETS agency data, are replicated to the North Atlanta Data Center as part of the transformed file services storage solution. Currently, Tier 3 SAN is available to GETS agencies as an online archive option.

Download this pdf file.Additional information on GETS storage tier options, including technical specifications .