Georgia’s vision for information and communications technology is captured in the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Vision. The vision is intended to aid Georgia government leaders in making informed technology decisions. It defines IT focus areas and goals and sets the technology direction for the state's IT enterprise to align with the governor's current initiatives. A full review of the current Enterprise IT Strategic Vision is currently underway and will be available in 2024.

GTA collaborates with technology leaders throughout Georgia state agencies to understand their business priorities and gathers insights from other federal, state, and private sectors to leverage proven technologies. This work identified the following long-term IT priorities:

  • Promoting customer service and citizen engagement with the use of technology and digital services
  • Continuing to advance and strengthen the state's cybersecurity posture
  • Implementing transformational solutions such as AI and cloud-first "offerings" resulting in an increase in operational efficiency and productivity
  • Increasing Georgians' access to information and services through the expansion of broadband connectivity

Information Technology Governance Continuously Improved

GTA continues to advance its information technology governance processes by annually assessing the effectiveness and strategic alignment of the existing policies, standards, and guidelines (PSG) exemption process. Occasionally, there are instances that require the activation of alternative but compliant and customer-centric solutions. The business solutions review (BSR) process is one such solution that cures that enterprise IT investments generate business value while mitigating risks.

Strategic Planning and Georgia's IT Strategy Cycle

Strategy Cycle

GTA serves as a facilitator and a technology guide in identifying common needs, technology-enabled business strategies that have proven successful in other organizations, and as an advocate for agency solutions that show promise for the enterprise. GTA supports and encourages a collaborative environment where agencies recognize shared objectives and work together to achieve greater enterprise benefits. The IT strategy cycle is the framework for supporting Georgia agencies in their effective and efficient use of technology to achieve the governor's vision.

During FY 2020 and again in FY 2023, agencies were surveyed to ensure that their IT strategies aligned with Governor Kemp's stated initiatives and their underlying priorities.

Environmental Scan for Technology

GTA relies on numerous sources for information about new business uses of technology, including but not limited to: Gartner, National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), and Center for Digital Government. In addition, GTA monitors a broad range of publications and participates in professional organizations and national summits, conferences, and symposia targeting the effective application of technology to business problems.

Survey Agency Priorities

GTA places high value on understanding agency business needs and continues to review agency strategic plans, conduct agency surveys, and hold regular meetings with agencies to ensure a clear picture of the business objectives that drive technology needs. In addition to one-on-one meetings with agency leaders, the State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR) is used to conduct an annual IT strategy survey of all agency CIOs or IT directors.

Refresh Enterprise IT Strategy

As mentioned in the opening section, the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Vision provides a vision of future technology use and establishes focus areas for the state’s IT enterprise in a multi-year look ahead. It guides agency IT leaders in choosing new technology solutions that align with the state’s enterprise IT vision and direction.

Identify Innovation Opportunities

GTA continues to recognize agency successes in using technology to deliver services in new and improved ways. Top innovations are recognized at the annual Georgia Digital Government Summit. Examples of these successes can be found in the Georgia IT Excellence section.

GTA works closely with and supports the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) to leverage technology in support of business process improvements identified each year by OPB. GTA also provides leadership in identifying and adopting proven technologies to solve pressing government issues.

Host Technology/Strategy Summit

The 2023 GTA-hosted Virtual Technology Summit explored opportunities for agencies to harness technology to improve constituent engagement and customer experience. The agenda for the 2023 summit included a diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists who provided in-depth insights as well as actionable and practical tools in leveraging AI, cybersecurity, security and risk management, data-informed decision making, and more.

Wayne Haskins, senior director advisor at Gartner, served as the keynote speaker for the conference where he addressed an audience of over 300 participants from more than 140 state and local government agencies. Mr. Haskins set the tone for an informative and engaging summit by sharing his insight on key objectives that IT leaders should integrate into their organization's vision for security and risk management.