Georgia prioritizes safeguarding state systems and data, always. Among IT concerns, cybersecurity tops the list, year after year. So, the state continues to bolster defenses through security policies, services, and tools, and by cultivating information sharing across varied governmental cyber defenders. The cybersecurity section of this report outlines these efforts.

GTA once again collaborated with Georgia's Army National Guard and Cyber Center to conduct a live-action cybersecurity exercise. This fifth annual Cyber Dawg event drew security professionals from Georgia agencies to the Cyber Center in Augusta to sharpen their skills in a simulated ransomware attack.

GTA continues to advance IT governance and strategic planning for the state. Strategic planning efforts included the annual GTA-hosted Technology/Strategy Summit, held virtually in 2023.

The Georgia Broadband Program promotes expansion and buildout of high-speed broadband to all Georgians. Over the last year, the state made meaningful strides, including designating significant funding for broadband infrastructure. This will help support deploying broadband networks to reach previously unserved locations.

Tracking state IT expenditures is among GTA's statutory responsibilities. In FY 2023, agencies reported spending $740 million on IT infrastructure and network services, application development and support, and related activities. The IT investment section explores these expenditures and how the state manages its technology investments. Spending details also appear in the appendix.

As mentioned in the state CIO's message, a cloud-first approach for IT services has been central to GTA's technology services in the last couple years. Georgia shifted from a largely on-premises model to a cloud-based computing model for hosting technology services. More than 100 state servers have transitioned to cloud services. GTA has provided corresponding training for agency IT staff to support those agencies in their transition. The GTA Direct program, which offers Georgia agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and boards of education quick access to a range of IT services from leading service providers pre-qualified by GTA is also found in that section.

The Office of Digital Services and Solutions (DS&S) manages GovHub, the state's digital platform, which is home to dozens of state agency websites. As the state's official web-publishing platform, GovHub allows a consistent online experience for citizens seeking state government services and information. More broadly, DS&S manages digital strategy for agencies and elected officials to cultivate an effective digital presence for the state of Georgia.

The state's bold modernization of its IT enterprise over the past decade and more have cemented a national reputation for Georgia as a leader in using technology to transform government operations. Innovative technology projects across agencies are strengthening Georgia government's service to constituents. Noteworthy examples include the following:

  • The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) completed a multi-year project called IMAGE. In coordination with hospital and community providers, DBHDD modernized and combined community and hospital incident tracking systems.
  • The Georgia Department of Labor (DOL) developed the MyUI Claimant Portal to better serve Georgians accessing unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. The project streamlines the application process.
  • The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) developed an automated process to assist the hundreds of Georgians who register to take the High School Equivalency Examination (HSE) each year. TCSG created a single application to integrate and automate the processes needed to register.

As this report illustrates, Georgia agencies remain committed to an engaged in taking full advantage of technology to help make government more accessible, responsive, accountable, and secure. GTA shares their commitment and is proud to collaborate with them in the effort.