January 31, 2023

Annual State IT Report looks at advances, challenges brought by technology

The Georgia Annual State IT Report, published by the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), highlights the state's IT activities, initiatives, and accomplishments for the past fiscal year.

"Georgia remains concerned with both sides of the technology coin," said Georgia CIO and GTA Executive Director Shawnzia Thomas. "The positive, like innovation and efficiency, as well as the challenges, like cybersecurity threats. This is the same for all agencies. Whether the Department of Labor, Agriculture, or Pardons and Paroles, we all juggle this mix every day."

During FY 2022, GTA and other agencies focused on ways to better serve the citizens of Georgia, including:

  • a GTA-led migration prioritized by the Governor's Office to move to cloud computing, bringing new flexibility and autonomy for agencies;
  • continued emphasis on what is the perennial top concern in the IT world, cybersecurity; and
  • the Georgia Broadband Program's efforts to promote the expansion and buildout of high-speed broadband to all Georgians.

Georgia again cemented its national reputation as a leader in using technology to transform government operations. Georgia again earned a grade of A, the highest possible, in the closely watched Digital States Survey which evaluates states' use of technology.

"As GTA champions shared resources across the state's technology enterprise, our collaboration with a broad range of state agencies allows impressive progress in strengthening IT capabilities of Georgia's state government," Ms. Thomas said. "By staying focused on improving citizen services, government technology can be transformative, and it can come with cost-savings, too."

The report documents advances in IT governance and strategic planning and provides information on technology investments. In FY 2022, agencies reported spending $697 million on IT infrastructure services, network services, application development and support, and related activities. Although the report's data aren't comprehensive, they nevertheless provide important and useful insights.

In addition to the website, a copy of the report suitable for printing is available for download in PDF format.