April 05, 2023

Georgia Broadband Program receives TAG tech honor

The Georgia Broadband Program has been recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as a recipient of its 2023 Tech for Good award.

The Tech for Good award recognizes a program or project that uses technology to positively impact underserved individuals or communities, promotes inclusiveness, and creates equity in Georgia.

The Georgia Broadband Program, managed by the Georgia Technology Authority, seeks to improve digital connectivity, particularly in areas of the state where the lack of high-speed internet access remains a serious limitation. After confirming the need for public funds to supplement private investment for broadband service expansion in unserved areas, GTA worked with the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) to create to competitive grant programs within a year's time to support deployment of broadband infrastructure.

The result was nearly $650 million in grant funds awarded, adding to hundreds of millions committed by awardees. Over the next two-to-three years, the funding will help bring broadband access to more than 200,000 unserved locations throughout the state.

"We are excited about the momentum of the state's broadband initiative," said Jessica Simmons, Deputy State CIO for Broadband and Special Projects. "We are pleased to share this recognition with communities across Georgia that are working to enable their residents to take advantage of the new economic, academic, and healthcare opportunities that internet access makes possible."

The TAG Technology Awards promote and celebrate the inclusive technology community throughout Georgia. More details about the TAG Technology Awards can be found on the TAG website.