Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-25-4, the Georgia Technology Authority – through its Board of Directors, appointments and delegated authority – may procure and contract for goods and services in support of GTA's mission and business requirements. GTA agrees, in principle, to comply with the State Purchasing Act as detailed in the rules and regulations of the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) State Purchasing Office (SPO) and published in the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM).

As a basic foundation of the procurement and acquisition of goods and services for the authority, GTA has chosen to adopt the concept of Best Value Procurement from the GPM.

By virtue of its Authority status as indicated in the GPM, GTA is exempt from an established dollar threshold for procuring goods and services and may develop its own internal procurement rules and regulations. To govern its internal procurement decisions, GTA created and adopted a GTA Procurement Manual.

The GTA Procurement Management Office has been established by GTA's Executive Director to make, execute and enter into any and all contracts for goods and services on behalf of GTA. The Director of Procurement has further designated an Agency Procurement Officer (APO) to ensure that the awards of contracts are made in accordance with the internal procurement practices set forth in the GTA Procurement Manual. The GTA Procurement Management Office administers procurement and contract activities in support of GTA's internal offices and its Sourcing Management Organization (SMO).

Download this pdf file.GTA Procurement Manual – Published pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-25-4.

Best Value Procurement – GTA Procurement defines best value procurement as "Cost/benefit analysis to define the best combination of vendor performance capability, quality, services, time and cost considerations over the useful life of the product or service for the state of Georgia." (Dictionary of Purchasing Terms, Fifth Edition, National Institute of Government Purchasing)

Download this pdf file.GTA Procurement Ethics Policy – Published for all acquisition personnel.

Download this pdf file.GTA Environmental Procurement Policy – Published for all acquisition personnel.

Doing Business with GTA

GTA utilizes both the Department of Administrative Services' Team Georgia Marketplace™ e-procurement system and this webpage to publicly solicit bids from suppliers.

Vendors who are interested in doing business with GTA are encouraged to register online through the DOAS Team Georgia Marketplace for Suppliers website to submit bids for GTA solicitations that may be posted to the Georgia Procurement Registry.

Vendors seeking to respond to a Request for Qualified Contractor (RFQC) solicitation posted on this webpage must follow the requirements in the solicitation document.

Vendors who are interested in doing business with other Georgia state government agencies are encouraged to monitor the Georgia Procurement Registry for opportunities and information.

Order of Sourcing

To comply with the Georgia Procurement Manual, GTA sources requirements in the following order:

  1. Statewide contracts – GTA will source requirements for goods and services first using Department of Administrative Services statewide contracts.

  2. GTA contracts – If no statewide contract can satisfy the requirements, then we may use internal GTA contracts.

  3. Open market solicitation – If no GTA contract exists to satisfy the need, then GTA will turn to the open market. See our Quick Guide below.

GTA Procurement FAQs for Prospective Vendors

Download this pdf file.Quick Guide – This document provides information about the various solicitations used by GTA in seeking vendors to satisfy GTA requirements.

Download this pdf file.GTA Procurement Protest Procedures – GTA has published protest procedures for vendors to follow.