January 27, 2022

Technology aided state's response to 2021 challenges, according to Annual IT Report

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) recently released its Georgia Annual Information Technology Report, which describes the state's use of technology to meet a range of challenges, many related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including cybersecurity and broadband.

The 2021 report highlights efforts to protect state systems and data, advance IT governance and strategic planning, expand broadband services, offer high-quality technology services to state agencies and local governments, and make essential information available and accessible to Georgians via digital channels.

"Georgia's technology enterprise proved ready and resilient in 2021," said Georgia CIO and GTA Executive Director Shawnzia Thomas. "Even as the pandemic continued, the state moved forward with initiatives to bolster state networks and strengthen security, while also meeting citizens' needs for information and services."

State IT expenditures also are examined in the report. In the past fiscal year, 46 agencies reported spending $715 million on IT infrastructure and network services, application development, and related activities. While the report's data are not comprehensive, they offer useful insights.

The report spotlights Georgia's national reputation as a leader in using technology to transform government operations and offers a glimpse at innovative technology projects across agencies.

Read the full report.