2022 Showcase Projects

Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System (DRIVES)

Georgia Department of Driver Services

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) sought a solution for its aging driver's licensing system, GO Main, used since the 1990s. DDS found a solution with the Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System (DRIVES), a multi-year effort between DDS and the Georgia Department of Revenue. The project modernized and combined two of Georgia's largest and most complex legacy software systems. DRIVES was developed and implemented using the FAST Enterprises commercial off-the-shelf application configured and tailored to both agencies' business requirements. With DRIVES, agencies have an application that can be supported by internal staff and makes the licensing process easier for Georgians.

Virtual Road Testing (VRT)

Georgia Department of Driver Services

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) developed the groundbreaking Virtual Road Testing (VRT) program. The program streamlines the DDS vehicle road testing portion of the Georgia driver's license exam, enabling driver examiners to view live footage from a dashboard camera within the applicant's vehicle. In addition, VRT offers distracted driving detection, reporting, data analytics, and two-way communication.

School Bus Safety System: Driver Portal

Georgia Department of Public Safety

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) School Bus Safety System is a comprehensive enterprise application that offers DPS and its partners greater visibility into the school bus safety inspection workflow. The application features a custom-built portal for use by state officers performing the safety inspections and county and municipal school bus operation partners, bringing greater transparency to the inspection process. The portal contains workflow management tools, inspection tracking and visibility, and more. Ultimately, it allows DPS to better manage the network of school buses and drivers who serve Georgia students.

Student Access Loan Lifecycle Transition to Paperless

Georgia Student Finance Commission

The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) sought a way to ensure that more Student Access Loan (SAL) applications are complete and ready for evaluation, while also easing the workload for staff members. While the first part of the loan application was already online for borrowers and the institutions to which they were applying, the second part of the application, completed by borrowers and GSFC, was a labor-intensive, paper-driven process. The SAL Lifecycle Transition to Paperless project placed the full process online, increasing efficiency for the more than 5,600 student applicants and the GSFC staff who handle the applications. GSFC now has the state's first fully paperless, legally binding promissory note process for state student aid.

Peach Pass Plus Atlanta Airport Parking

Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority

Aiming to decrease wait times and lines at parking deck entrances and exits at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport West Deck, the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) instituted the Peach Pass Plus payment alternative. Peach Pass Plus Atlanta Airport Parking addresses community health concerns with touch-free decal scanning and improves compliance with an immediate payment solution. With these improved business processes, no parking ticket or physical credit card is needed - just a Peach Pass Plus.

eCampus Platform: Transforming Technical Education through Shared Instructional Services

Technical College System of Georgia

Every year, thousands of students register for courses at the 22 Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) institutions. Typically, students could register only for courses offered by the institution where they were enrolled. With the recent launch of a platform known as eCampus, students can register for online courses offered by any TCSG institution. The initiative gives students access to programs and courses that may not be available at their home technical college, while still giving them the personalized experience and support of on-campus enrollment.