Project Assurance

When GTA receives notification of a new project investment, the project is assessed based on risk criteria, including criticality, complexity, and cost. Based on the assessment, the appropriate project assurance service will be applied.

To comply with OCGA 50-25-4, GTA provides project assurance via three services.

  • Critical Project Review Panel

    Purpose: The panel provides a forum for agency leadership to ensure they have the commitments and resources needed to deliver on their initiative successfully.

    What: A forum that includes selected projects based on complexity, criticality, and risk. The panel provides an escalation path, leverages enterprise influence, and allows for sharing best practices that improve outcomes.

    When: Meets monthly.

    Who: The panel is made up of members of the governor's office and GTA.

    Submit inquiries to: [email protected]

  • Project Oversight

    Purpose: To monitor active projects in the state's IT project portfolio.

    What: One or a combination of the following activities:

    • Monitoring projects via the Georgia enterprise management suite (GEMS) project reporting tool
    • Attending project meetings
    • Meeting with project team members
    • Coordinating with third-party IV&V leads as applicable

    When: Starts after procurement concludes and continues through implementation.

    Who: EPMO

    Submit inquiries to: [email protected]

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

    Purpose: GTA is required by legislation to provide IV&V services for executive branch agency IT projects with a budget of more than $1 million.

    What: IV&V is a service by which an independent assessor monitors and evaluates projects throughout their lifecycle to ensure best practices are employed and business objectives are met.

    When: When a statement of need is created by the EPMO and GTA procurement. Responses are evaluated and a winner is awarded.

    Who: IV&V may be performed by an independent vendor, selected from the IT project assurance services (ITPAS), or the GTA EPMO.

    Submit inquiries to: [email protected]