BEAD Map Challenge Process

Help us make sure Broadband, Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program dollars go where they are needed most. 


Phase Duration and Dates

Pre-challenge Data Collection

Providers submit data regarding existing enforceable funding commitments.

December 2023 - January 3, 2024

Challenge Phase

Challenges accepted through the BEAD challenge portal.

30 days

March 4 - April 2, 2024

Rebuttal Phase

Accepted challenges are posted and notifications are shared about rebuttal opportunities. Rebuttals are accepted.

30 days

April 3 - May 2, 2024

Final Determination

GTA reviews and validates rebuttals, then posts publicly to the BEAD challenge map website. Finally, GTA reviews all challenges and rebuttals and finalizes the BEAD challenge map.

30 days

May 6 - June 4, 2024

Data Submitted to NTIA

NTIA must approve the outcome of the state's challenge process before GTA can begin accepting grant applications.

Within seven days of all final determinations
  • What is the challenge process?

    The challenge process gives Georgians an opportunity to correct inaccuracies in the state's broadband map, so it reflects the most up-to-date broadband access information. The updated map will determine which locations are eligible for funding through the BEAD Program.

  • Who is eligible to submit a challenge?

    The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) allows local governments, nonprofit organizations, and internet service providers (ISP) to submit challenges. Individuals in Georgia can participate by taking an internet speed test and coordinating with registered local governments or nonprofit organizations to submit a challenge.