Investment Management

A technology investment is defined as the commitment of resources to any product or service that consists of, or relies upon, information technology to capture, process, store, share, or otherwise manipulate data that is managed by a state entity.

The Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) investment management function provides early-stage services and guidance on technology investments to influence successful outcomes. See the services and references below.

Investment management services process flow
  • 1. Planned Investment Notification

    Purpose: To identify all investment activities needed for project success.

    What: Completion of a questionnaire that provides early-stage project investment information.

    When: During project initiation or project investment planning. It is required on all investment in technology products or services with an estimated $500,000 or greater total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Reviewers: GTA EPMO, distributed as applicable and requested.

    Submit to: [email protected]

  • 2. Business Case Review

    Purpose: To document the justification for proposed investment based on the estimated cost against the risks, anticipated business benefits, and savings gained. For details, see GM-17-001.

    What: The cost threshold for technology is $1 million in value for a five year total cost of ownership. The $1 million threshold includes dollars spent from all funding sources (state and federal funds, bonds, grants, etc.)

    When: A business case must be submitted before procurement and any funding request.

    Reviewers: GTA subject matter expert (SME), Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), agency, EPMO director, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB)

    Documents and links:

    Submit to: [email protected]

  • 3. Exemption Facilitation

    Purpose: To provide agencies with an avenue to deviate from enterprise IT policy or standard. For details, see SM-11-007 under "documents and links" below.

    What: When an agency wants to pursue a technology that is noncompliant with policies and standards. Must prepare a request for exemption form and submit to the policies, standards, and guidelines (PSG) email.

    When: Should be submitted prior to procurement and finalized prior to the completion of the procurement process.

    Reviewers: GTA SME, Enterprise Governance and Planning (EGAP), EPMO, and state CIO

    Documents and links:

    Submit to: [email protected]

  • 4. Technology Procurement Review

    Purpose: To comply with OCGA 50-25-4 for GTA to review all technology procurements and increase maturity on state investment practices.

    What: Currently required on all technology products and services, can be waived by chief technology officer (CTO).

    When: Completion of draft procurement documents, request for information (RFI), RFP, RFQC, contracts, etc. prior to finalization and publication or execution.

    Reviewers: GTA SME, DOAS, agency (depending on procurement), CTO, and state CIO

    Documents and links:

    Submit to: [email protected]


  • 5. Project Assurance Assessment

    Purpose: To determine the level and type of assurance for projects based upon consideration of cost, complexity, and criticality of investment.

    What: A review of the agency PIN, business case, or other information to properly assign project assurance resources.

    When: After the procurement is awarded, the EPMO project assurance manager is tasked with assigning project assurance resources.

    Reviewers: EPMO project assurance and investment managers and director, results reviewed with agency.