Pre-Challenge Data Collection for Enforceable Commitments

December 5, 2023, through January 3, 2024

GTA will make its best effort to develop a list of broadband serviceable locations (BSLs) subject to enforceable commitments based on state and local grants or loans.

- Section 5.3, Georgia's submitted BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 1

GTA will draw on these provider agreements, along with its existing database on Georgia's broadband funding programs' binding agreements, to determine the set of Georgia's enforceable commitments.

Additionally, GTA will allow a 30-day pre-challenge period for providers and local governments to submit evidence of existing enforceable broadband deployment commitments.

The goal of this 30-day pre-challenge period is to ensure that GTA has the most accurate and up-to-date list of state and local enforceable commitments for the deployment of qualifying broadband. This includes all state broadband deployment programs that use funds from the Capital Projects Fund and the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds administered by the U.S. Treasury.

While NTIA already has the data for the below programs, ISPs and local government organizations are encouraged to submit locations associated with these programs if they believe that they are not accurately displayed in the FCC funding map.

  • Broadband Infrastructure Program
  • Community Connect Grant Program
  • Connect America Fund Phase II
  • ReConnect Loan and Grant Program
  • Rural Digital Opportunity Fund
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Loans and Loan Guarantees
  • Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program

If you have any questions, please contact the Georgia Broadband Program below.