Mainframe service

Best practices to right-size consumption

CPU hours

  • Maintain, optimize, and/or tune applications to increase efficiency of DB2 and CICS code
  • Review and optimize frequency and scheduling of batch jobs
  • Review rebinding SQL code in new version of DB2 optimizer
  • Consolidate applications and CICS environments to lower CICS region management costs
  • Long term: Migrate application code to servers where applicable and use mainframe as a database server to use less costly zIIP engine
  • Consider hiring a third party to maintain, tune, and optimize applications and databases

Storage and backup

  • Review and optimize storage capacity
  • Review retention of backups and eliminate redundant backups
  • Implement agency data retention plan for long-term data storage

Sources of information/reports

  • Invoice Detail Report in ITFM

Steps to request service change

  • Submit a request in the GETS Service Catalog to add, change, or remove applications and optical storage: Infrastructure Services > Mainframe

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Glossary of GETS terms