Wide area network (WAN) service

Best practices to right-size consumption

  • Implement WAN Capacity Management Process: Select transport circuit speed and capacity based on business and application needs
  • If a circuit trends "Hot" (50 percent or more monthly average), upgrade circuit
  • If a circuit trends "Cold" (1 percent or less monthly average), determine if circuit is needed and disable/disconnect if appropriate
  • Audit physical WAN devices for usage, virtualize if possible, and decommission devices that are not in use
  • Long term: Move to SDWAN to consolidate devices and potentially reduce bandwidth usage

Sources of information/reports

  • Invoice Detail Report on ITFM
  • WAN Hot/Cold Utilization Report
  • Agency Vital Net (more information than Hot/Cold Report)

Steps to request service change

  • Submit a request in the GETS Service Catalog: Network Services > WAN Services

See also a glossary of GETS terms in the PDF below offering useful descriptions of elements referenced above:

Glossary of GETS terms