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Oracle Products and Services

The following contracts for Oracle products and services are available to state agencies and other public-sector entities in Georgia. They provide access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices, including software licenses, professional services, installation and support of engineered systems, maintenance and technical support.

GTA received permission from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services to issue a solicitation for the contracts. In awarding the contracts, GTA conducted a competitive procurement and evaluated each reseller on its capability and capacity to provide Oracle products and services.

How to use these contracts

State agencies and other public-sector entities in Georgia can select the pre-qualified reseller whose service solution best meets their particular business needs.

Agencies should use the Statement of Work (SOW) template (see Related Files below) to clarify their business requirements for any of the professional services covered by the contracts.

If your agency's internal processes require additional competitive bidding, you may request a response from both resellers.

After your agency makes its selection, submit a purchase order to the reseller. Be sure to include the Reseller Contract Number on the purchase order. Agencies are not required to sign any other document to use one of the contracts.

Please note the following:

  • All purchase orders over $100,000 (except support renewals) issued by a state entity to a reseller will be sent to GTA at for review.
  • All statements of work over $100,000 will be sent to GTA at for review and comment prior to start of work by reseller.

See Related Files for information about the service offerings and pricing.

Reseller and contact information

BIAS Corporation
Contact: Allie Aparicio, 770.685.6282 (office), 301.785.7844 (mobile),
Address: 1801 Old Alabama Road, Suite 300, Roswell, GA 30076
Contract Number: RFP98000-2659-BIAS

Software 29% – 34%
Engineered Systems 5% - 29%
Consulting 0% - 10%
Exadata Support (per transaction quote)
​Oracle University (per transaction quote)

DLT Solutions LLC
Contact: Kevin Ford, 703.708.9637 (office),  540.454.3077 (mobile),
Address: 2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 800, Herndon, VA 20171
Contract Number: 9800-GTA-000000112-62015DLT

Software 28.5%
Engineered Systems 19.5%
Consulting 25%
ACS Support 8%
​Oracle University (per transaction quote)

Contact: Jessica Pinkett, 757.963.5482,
Address: 4525 Main St., Suite 1500, Virginia Beach, VA 23462  
Contract Number: 9800-GTA-000000112-62015MYT

Software 29% <$250,000 – 34%>$250,000
Engineered Systems 0-28%
Consulting 13%
ACS Support 0%
​Oracle University 15% - 35%