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The Georgia Technology Authority offers call center services to help state and local government agencies respond quickly and efficiently to constituent inquiries.

Answering telephone calls, emails and chats from constituents is a challenge for many agencies, but GTA's specially trained staff and reliable technology provide the solution that agencies need.

The GTA call center, 1.800.georgia, responds to telephone calls, emails and chats from users of Georgia's web portal,

1.800.georgia has partnered with several state agencies, including the Office of the State Inspector General, the Georgia Department of Revenue and the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

  • Expertise — The call center's daily operation is overseen by two managers with extensive experience running call centers in the private sector. Its staff of 12 agents is specially trained in customer-contact techniques and use of the center's call-management system.
  • Reliability — The call center answers approximately 400,000 calls annually about services offered on with an average speed-to-answer under 60 seconds and an average abandonment rate of less than 9 percent.
  • Performance — The system continuously monitors calls. Customers may receive reports that measure performance, including the number of calls received and how fast they are answered.

For more information

GTA's 1.800.georgia call center is a cost-effective alternative to other service providers. A rate quote is available upon request. Any agency needing call center services is encouraged to contact Joe Gray, GTA's 1.800.georgia manager, at 404.463.0021.