How do you connect constituents to government services in a seamless, positive experience?

GovHub is an award-winning Drupal-based platform managed by GTA’s Digital Services and Solutions team. GovHub was developed 12+ years ago to meet the dynamic needs of Georgia’s state agencies. Currently hosting more than 80 state agency websites, GovHub continues to evolve to offer leading-edge capabilities and take the guesswork out of mandates and best practices in digital content.

Easy Content Management

State agency websites don’t always have enough hands to manage content. We make it simple with elements designed just for you, like:

  • Landing page drag-and-drop interface
  • Pre-designed visual elements 
  • Structured content fields built specifically for your content
  • WYSIWYG editing and the ability to reuse existing content
  • No coding expertise required

With GovHub, you can also save time updating your information across Georgia’s infrastructure. Data points such as contact info and locations are automatically shared with for immediate delivery.

Built-in Compliance and Best Practices

Automatically meet Georgia’s state mandates for accessibility, as GovHub is WCAG 2.1 AA- compliant.

GovHub also offers built-in assurance that your digital presence is designed to be at the top of its game, with:

  • Responsive design for desktop and mobile devices
  • Government-specific content types, such as “How Do I?” templates, bios, news, and events
  • Search-friendly data
  • Designed for faster page loading and better site performance

Need extra governance? GovHub offers additional content moderation for optional reviews before content goes live.

Always Innovative

We work with industry-leading, private-sector development partners to offer the latest advancements in our platform and tools.

Our technology practices for GovHub include:

  • 2-week sprint cycles for infrastructure, new features, and bugs
  • Release notes for every sprint
  • Off-cycle code deployments for security enhancements, if needed

Our design, regularly vetted by testing audiences, offers high usability and enterprise design consistency. This extra step saves agencies the expense of hiring additional UX, design, or technical resources.

Supporting Georgia's State Agencies

What's Included

GovHub is a cost-effective and budget-friendly platform providing a satisfying digital experience to agency content managers and constituents alike.

Agencies on GovHub also receive timely continued help and support from the Digital Services and Solutions team, including:

  • GovHub’s dedicated Service Desk
  • 24/7 access to our Knowledge Base to help you with common issues
  • Online, asynchronous training in our Learning Management System (LMS) for both new and experienced content managers
  • Informative blog and webinar content to help you with expert insight, training topics, and guidance
  • Agency partner access to our image library
  • Up-to-date status and historical issues on
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Keeping Performance In Check

GovHub agency partners also receive Siteimprove as a companion tool to quickly spot issues and optimize digital performance. Siteimprove’s dashboard analytics allow agencies and their content managers to review and improve points like accessibility, SEO, and quality metrics. GovHub agencies can:

  • Monitor site metrics and analytics data reported through the Georgia Analytics Program (GAP) dashboard
  • Receive analytics training, either one-on-one or through the LMS

Security and Hosting

GovHub stays on top of potential security attacks with multiple layers of protection, including:

  • Security features, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and secure web forms with various data distribution options
  • GovHub’s Web Application Firewall protects GovHub sites from DDoS attacks, successfully blocking millions of malicious visits each month.
  • GovHub hosting, via Acquia, offers 99.95% uptime, proactive security, and performance upgrades.

Get GovHub

The GovHub platform is available to Georgia state agencies, Constitutional Offices, Commissions, Councils, and other government bodies. Want to improve your digital presence? Contact your agency customer service manager to get started or contact GTA online.


Digital Services and Solutions - GovHub onboarding

GovHub Onboarding projects:

  • Are billed hourly based on the agreed hours estimated after a discovery sprint.
  • Beyond the discovery sprint, included services are content strategy and migration, project management, user interface design, and development.
  • Subscription and hosting contracts are priced by the amount of total content hosted and annual traffic.